Daily Bulletin

Saint Mary's College High School Bulletin for Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Bell Schedule for May 22 - 26, 2017
Monday: 9am start, dismissal 2:35pm
Tuesday: 8am start, dismissal at 2:30pm
Wednesday: 8am start, dismissal 2:30pm
Thursday: 8:00am start, dismissal at 2:30pm
Friday(SEL, schedule): 9:00am start, dismissal at 3:05pm


Choice Lunch Menu for today: Beef Pot Pie with Mashed Potatoes, Pasta Bar, Chicken Cordon Bleu, World Famous Salad Bar


Campus Ministry meets today at A-Block down in the Campus Ministry Center. Come and join us for one of the final meetings of the year.

“Please return all library materials by this Friday.”

Links to your course evaluations are now available in PowerSchool. Please take time during homeroom today to complete at least one evaluation.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors — did you know there are only nine class days left until final exams? If you haven't been doing so already, now is the time to check PowerSchool to make sure you are not missing any major assignments. Make sure you know your grade going into your final exam or project and, more importantly, make sure you have done everything you can to ensure your success.


CREATIVE WRITERS meets Tuesday at lunch and Wednesday at A block in 321.



Cheer tryouts start today in the auditorium from 4-5:30. See you there!

Athletics Calendar for May 22 – 27, 2017
Monday, May 22nd
M. Basketball - Open GYM 4-6PM

Tuesday, May 23rd
Baseball - BYE - First round NCS Championships
Baseball (H) First round NCS Championships @ Brady Park 4:00
Softball (H) First round NCS Championships @ Albany Middle School 4:00
W. Basketball - Open GYM 4-6PM

Wednesday, May 24th
M. Basketball - Open GYM 4-6PM
M. Volleyball Banquet – SHAE 5:30-8PM
Softball vs. Livermore Valley - First round NCS Championships @ Albany Middle School 5:00

Thursday, May 25th
W. Basketball - Open GYM 4-6PM

Friday, May 26th
Baseball – Quarterfinal round NCS Championships TBD
Softball - Quarterfinal round NCS Championships TBD
Track & Field (A) NCS Meet of Champions @ U.C. Berkeley 9:00

Saturday, May 27th
Track & Field (A) NCS Meet of Champions @ U.C. Berkeley 9:00



Testing Calendar

Upcoming tests and due dates for papers and projects
Teacher Date Class Grades Type Description Period(s)
Mahoney05/18/2017French 5-69, 10, 11TestComp/Sup/Lequel/Celui 5
Mahoney05/18/2017French 1-29TestLecon 13 + aller + futur proche4
Brother Dan05/19/2017Epistemology10TestBias Test4
Harkness05/19/2017Health9ProjectFreshman Time Capsule1, 4
Harkness05/19/2017Geography9ProjectAfrica Map2, 5
Paulson05/19/2017Advanced Dance9, 10, 11, 12ProjectSpring Dance Concert4
Paulson05/19/2017Intro Dance9ProjectSpring Dance Concert3
Harkness05/22/2017Health9TestMental/Emotional Health Exam1, 4
Harkness05/22/2017Geography9ProjectLetter to a Young Scholar2, 5
Harkness05/22/2017Geography9Paper DueLetter to a Young Scholar2, 5
Libby05/24/2017US History11TestExam #3: Multiple Choice Final4, 5
Long05/24/2017Senior Project 212Paper DueWritten reflection - Guidelines online1
Paulson05/24/2017Advanced Dance9, 10, 11, 12Paper DueProfessional Dance Concert Critique4
Sommers05/24/2017Faith and Religion9TestChristian Morality Test1, 4
Quach05/25/2017Sports Medicine11, 12TestUpper and Lower Extremity Injuries4
Sommers05/25/2017Faith and Religion9Paper DueCatholic Perspectives Paper Final Draft1, 4
Paulson05/26/2017Advanced Dance9, 10, 11, 12Paper DueSpring Concert Reflection4
Paulson05/26/2017Intro Dance9Paper DueSpring Concert Reflection3
Sommers05/26/2017Scripture10TestLuke's Gospel Test5
Foster05/28/2017World Religions11, 12TestBuddhism Unit Test2, 4, 5
McCormick05/30/2017Faith and Religion9Paper DueMoral Issues2
McCormick05/30/2017Scripture10ProjectDaily Life of Jesus3, 4
Libby06/02/2017US History11Paper DueResearch Paper - Due 10 PM4, 5

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